Phuket’s peace shattered: 36,000 methamphetamine pills ‘Yabandoned’ by arrested suspect

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The tranquillity of Phuket‘s streets was shattered when local law enforcement apprehended a single suspect, seizing a staggering 36,000 pills of methamphetamine, colloquially known as Yaba.

The main protagonist in this unexpected drama was Chanaphon Bamrungwong, also known as Suea, a 36 year old resident of Moo 7, Ratsada. Phuket’s Provincial Police reported his arrest yesterday evening, after intercepting him on Soi Patchanee, in Moo 3, Ratsada. The news of his capture was officially announced today.

The operation was spearheaded by none other than Phuket Provincial Police Crime Suppression Division’s chief, Police Lieutenant Colonel Phichit Thongto. His team managed to apprehend Chanaphon in Thai circles, in a smooth yet significant operation.

Post-arrest, the law enforcement officers confiscated 36,569 pills of meth pills, alongside a minuscule 0.10 grammes of crystal meth, also known as ya ice. In addition to these narcotics, the belongings seized from Chanaphon included his Honda Wave 110 motorbike alongside a Samsung mobile phone and a Galaxy A34 mobile phone, which could potentially hold valuable information regarding his illicit activities.

Following his arrest, Chanaphon was transported to Phuket City Police Station where he was officially charged. The charges levelled against him include illegal possession and distribution of a Category 1 narcotic, as well as illicit usage of a Category 1 narcotic, reported Phuket News.

As of now, the local law enforcement has refrained from divulging any additional information about the specifics of Chanaphon’s arrest. Keeping in mind the scale of the seizure, it is plausible that they are diligently working behind the scenes to uncover any potential networks or connections that could further their crackdown on the narcotics trade in the region.

In related news, Thai police intercepted a vehicle carrying approximately 2.54 million meth pills. The operation, led by the Thai Highway Police in Khon Kaen, resulted in the arrest of 31 year old man called Thanatchai, who was found to be the sole occupant of the vehicle. Read more about this story HERE.

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