Drug bust in Khon Kaen nets over 2.54 million meth pills

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A significant drug bust took place in the early hours of yesterday when Thai police intercepted a vehicle carrying approximately 2.54 million methamphetamine pills. The operation, led by the Thai Highway Police in Khon Kaen, resulted in the arrest of 31 year old man called Thanatchai, who was found to be the sole occupant of the vehicle.

The arrest occurred on Highway 224 between kilometre markers 26 and 27 in Munchakhiri district, Khon Kaen. The police received a tip-off regarding a suspected drug trafficking operation involving a Laotian network planning to distribute drugs to Bangkok and central provinces.

The police, under the command of Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Puridet, proceeded to investigate. They discovered that Thanatchai had been hired to transport the drugs for a fee of 50,000 baht, paid in cash. The drugs were picked up from the roadside in Bung Khla, Bueng Kan, and were intended for delivery in Saraburi province.

The suspect’s vehicle, a Toyota Vios, was spotted at a traffic light, queued behind a police vehicle. It was then followed by the police who eventually pulled over the vehicle for inspection. Inside, they found a large quantity of meth pills.

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Upon interrogation, Thanatchai admitted his involvement but claimed it was his first offence. However, the police remained sceptical and are continuing their investigation to identify all associated parties.

This successful drug bust operation aligns with the policy of Police Lieutenant General Jiraphop Puridet who emphasises proactive investigation and increased vigilance in preventing and suppressing crime. This approach aims to ensure public safety by taking strict action against illegal activities on the roads.

The detained suspect and the confiscated drugs have been handed over to the Metropolitan Police Bureau for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, in a significant drug bust conducted by the police in Chiang Mai’s Mueang district, a pickup truck was stopped, revealing five million meth pills hidden beneath sacks of herbal plants. Three individuals, believed to be involved in drug trafficking, were apprehended. Read more HERE.

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