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Phuket officals quiet on foreigners being able to register for Covid vaccine

Photo via Irene LEVIN from Flickr.

Phuket officials are keeping quiet on foreigners being able to register for the Covid-19 vaccine. 2 weeks prior the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that foreigners could register for a Covid-19 vaccine.

Earlier, Thaiger wrote that many (nationality not specified) who registered for a vaccine had their registration mysteriously canceled.

The “Phuket Must Win” portal has a “Vaccinations for expats or migrant workers” option, but whether it is also accepting unemployed, or retired people is unknown.

The Deputy Director-General of the Department, Natapanu Nopakun, of Information, said on May 21:

Foreigners will be able to register at the hospitals where you have your own health records by using their passport or social security number.

We practice what we preach. No one is safe in Thailand until everyone is safe, everyone is vaccinated.

Phuket officials have issued mercurial statements on expats being able to register for vaccines. At first, they announced that foreigners could register via the portal. They later said that only foreigners who had work permits could register.

In the meantime, foreigners wait with bated breath on whether or not they can get, or register for a vaccine in Phuket.

SOURCE: The Phuket News


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Jack Arthur

Jack is from the USA, has a B.A. in English, and writes on a variety of topics. He lives in Thailand.


  1. Second,they said go to the hospital where your records.
    I went to patong hospital.
    They clearly said they are not interested in doing foreigners as they where too busy with Thais.
    So I ask what are we to do. ??

  2. I’ve been to 3 hospitals today patong and vichira both said no foreigners went to jungcylon vaccination centre to be told no foreigners! Went to Bangkok hospital they said they not allowed to buy vaccinesand to read the Bangkok hospital website. still same from 4th May.. you can not register for a vaccine in phuket if you are a foreigners but foreigners with a work permit/visa were allowed to and already have received vaccine
    but Simon Small says you can !

  3. Isn’t it time for every farang to leave Thailand and that shit country. So hard to get vaccine. So hard with a family visa so you can stay long time without leaving Thailand. Can’t do anything work without visa. Burmese people come take the work from Thai. Can make a much longer list with wrong things from Thailand.
    In Philippine can have a year visa for 10 dollar so i think i say goodbye to Thailand

  4. Disturbingly, Prayat is ‘ruler’ of Thailand and his left hand is unclear what his right hand is doing.
    In addition, the amount of vaccines available at the moment is inadequate so they are being rationed.

  5. Cant understand how the forigners allow them to threat like garbage.
    Just leave the fake f…..g place and go somewere else! Let them think they are so important that they can one minute cry for lack of tourist money and then kick your ass when they like. NO MERCY FOR THE OPENING, LET THEM STARVE AND GO BACK TO FISHING!!!!!

  6. Lord Anutin blames dirty stinking foreigners on social media for the confusion. Somehow…some among us posted a disturbing notation that blanked all Thai and caused the cancellation of all vaccinations in Bangkok this morning. I wish I’d known I held that much power over Mr ( Huff and Puff) Anutin as Minister of Everything, we could have avoided the Covid distribution fiasco in the first place. My bad.

  7. I guess that’s one way to get rid of the dirty farang. Time to do a vaccine run to America. Either coast doesn’t matter, can land and get a shot of J&J same day. Just walk in there are no lines. Of course you will get stuck in Phuket for two weeks upon return.

  8. Why should foreigner of extended tourist visa get free government vaccine. Other country don’t give tourist vacine and why we must?
    Go home to get visa please.

  9. I can understand the point of view of the Phuket Thai.
    For the last twenty years they have prospered from the visits of foreigners, by overcharging, dual pricing, short changing, and now all their assumed rights are dashed by the Thai government ordering to give the foreigners something FREE!
    Imagine the trauma they must be suffering. Their reliance on ripping off the ferangs has now been denied, by Thais who do not understand the natural order of matters in Phuket.
    Asking a Phuket Thai to give something free to a ferang, is like denying a louse from feeding on a tourist’s back.

  10. @Ying Bo Ling – That’s not true. In the US, they give vaccinations to any tourist no questions asked. In fact, it’s against Federal rules to ask a person who shows up for a vaccine their nationality. Heck you can’t even ask them if they are in America legally.

  11. @Ying Bo Ling – YOU will have a free covid vaccination in the UK.
    All foreigners will.
    These vaccinations Thailand are using came for the West, at cost price.
    You Thais would be sitting around in your bamboo huts dying of covid if it was not for the West developing the vaccines, and delivering them to you peasants.
    Thais can hardly tie their shoelaces. You are lucky the West are giving you any vaccines after the years of scamming, cheating, and contempt you have subjected Western Foreigners to.

  12. All the foreign/farrang fools posting complaints about how effed up Thailand is. Will NEVER permanently abandon the country! LMFAO Thailand is as equally and/or no more racist-xenophobic than all the western countries…..USA, CA, AU, EU, UK, et cetera. This is because all the silly foreigners/farrangs….are to addicted to the “beaches, weather, culture” of the country! LOL

  13. So glad I left Thailand and moved to Hong Kong where “foreigners” are treated the same as everyone else. Had my second dose last week – just signed up online in exactly the same way a local would, went to a local private hospital where mostly other Chinese people were also waiting to have their vaccines.

    Absolutely no distinction made between locals and “foreigners”. Thailand is in the dark ages. So sad

  14. I spoke to my Local Hospital and they said didn’t know anything about Registration and do what the goverment say, so have been down to Patong a couple of times , I explained that the goverment says from the 7th we can register once again told no way come back at the ned of the month. So now Phuket opens on the 1st July and we can’t vacinnated wonderful

  15. Phuket seems to best represent all that is bad about Thailand, and none of the good – well the beaches are good I guess. Toby summed it up beautifully. As for Simple Simon and the -‘go back to your own country then’ simpletons, we ARE, we HAVE, and we WILL! But it is amusing reading to hear you Uncle Toms justifying every last humiliation LOL

  16. “These vaccinations Thailand are using came for the West, at cost price.”

    No they didn’t!

    Sinovac comes from China, FFS!

    … and the AZ produced by Siam BioScience under licence (however late it is) was technology sold by AZ – no “cost price” involved!

  17. “@Simon Small – the shooting of people in the street by their police for being “suspected” of having drugs, cheaper is not better in most cases”

    Sorry,@whatever, but I’ve no idea what or where you’re talking about.

  18. “As for Simple Simon and the -‘go back to your own country then’ simpletons, we ARE, we HAVE, and we WILL!”

    Happy for you – why it took you so long and you’re still upset so badly about being rejected, though …..

    You may have been treated like an unwanted turd that wouldn’t stay flushed, but assuming that everyone else is treated the same way doesn’t excuse your own inadequacies, it just confirms them.

    We’ve got what you wanted but couldn’t have. Tough. Get over it and find somewhere else to be one of life’s sad failures.

  19. “When are you expats going to wake up, we are all second class citizens here. When push comes to shove, we are way down in the pecking order.”

    What genuinely amuses me with so many of the “expats” or ex-expats commenting here is just how seriously dumb they must be.

    They’ve been here as tourists and had ample opportunity to see any “scamming, cheating, and contempt” and to balance that against the “beaches, weather, culture” before deciding to move here or not.

    How long does it take to realise that when a prostitute anywhere says “hello, hansum man” they don’t mean it?

    Until, like @Toby, they get thrown out or, like @Mike , they’re FILTH (or, more accurately, FITTH)?

    Thailand’s a balance, like anywhere else, but if anyone who made a wrong decision was too stupid to weigh up the pros and cons then that’s their fault, nobody else’s.

  20. @Toby Andrews –

    I have been going to Phuket for the last thirty years, some visits are between six months and a year long.

    What you are saying is nonsense about Phuket, you have probably been told by someone else who heard it all from someone else etc, gossip basically.

    In restaurants I pay the same price as Thais, in the shopping centres, the markets etc no rip off, prices are clearly marked, there is not one price for farangs and one for Thai.

    I live in a housing complex which is 95% occupied by Thais, they do not come and throw stones through my windows each night.

    The Thais in Phuket as like most other Thais are friendly and do not hate us.

    I did go to an aquarium in Phuket once and I think farangs and all other tourists from any country had to pay around £2.50 where a Thai paid £1 but I didn’t cry over it.

    I am not saying a farang has never bean cheated or overcharged as that will happen on a small scale by some people no matter what country you are in but in general things are great in Phuket.

    I think some farangs get confused as they live in expats bubbles in Thailand, they marry a much younger bar girls from Issan and then get ripped off and think that all Thais are like that, they do not know they are a very tiny minority.

    But farangs staying on long visas, there is one way to get a vaccination, go home to your country for a visit and get one straight away, simple.

  21. @Ying Bo Ling – I’d be quite happy to pay my friend, as would most of the long term retired expats I know. We are here putting substantial amounts of money into the Thai economy but we are being treated like we simply don’t matter. You can only feed me so much bull before I vote with my feet. That will be Thailand’s loss. We are not here today gone tomorrow tourists.

  22. @Slugger – so you mean they should sent Thais in Europe, Australia, USA, etc to Thailand to get their vaccines? By the way the way the vaccination for Thais in Thailand is financed from western countries! Australia, USA, Europe, etc. !!!

  23. Farangs are not voters and thus politicians and bureaucrats can treat them like dirt. Not even holding a Elite visa is helpful. They know how desparate you are to live in Land of Smiles, cheap living and beautiful women at low cost. What more do you want??

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