Many who pre-registered for vaccine had their appointments cancelled today

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Many people who pre-registered for vaccines got phone calls this morning telling them their appointment was cancelled. New appointments were not provided.

The people that had registered had done so days ahead of time. Lists of recipients were directed to vaccinations sites around Bangkok, before the first day of mass vaccination of Bangkok inhabitants.

Of the planned 800 to 1,000 people that were supposed to receive a vaccination, only 500 were inoculated.

Thailand’s prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told the Thai media this morning that there are plenty of vaccines for everyone in Thailand. However, he played a bit fast and loose with the timeline of when “everyone” will be able to get vaccinated by not providing a timeline.

He did say that demand for vaccines has outstripped the availability of vaccines.

Currently, Thailand has about 2.6% of its population vaccinated and the department of disease control website that gives the number of people who have been vaccinated has been taken down. According to Reuters, at Thailand’s current rate of vaccinations, it will take 142 days to vaccinate 10% more of the population.

Phuket’s reopening is still set for 3 weeks from this Thursday. Tourist operators have expressed waning confidence in Phuket’s reopening.

SOURCE: Thai PBS Reuters.

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