Phuket man nabbed with substantial narcotics stash in town raid

Photo courtesy of Phuket Provincial Police

Phuket’s Provincial Crime Suppression Division managed to apprehend a 38 year old man in the bustling area of Phuket Town, following a discovery of a significant amount of narcotics on his person.

Identified as Bunma “Golf” Chimmala, a resident of Ratsada, he was found in possession of 4,500 methamphetamine pills, also known as Yabah, and 265.2 grammes of crystal meth, colloquially referred to as ya ice.

The arrest took place on the vibrant Soi 6 Kra Road, located in the Talat Yai region of Phuket Town, on February 15. The officers reported that a subsequent search was conducted in a neighbouring house situated on Soi 8 Kra Road, which led to the unearthing of the said narcotics.

The officers’ vigilant search not only led to the discovery of these illicit substances but also yielded several other items. Two packages of clear plastic bags were found, most likely intended for the distribution of the drugs. A digital weighing scale, typically used to measure the quantity of narcotics, was also among the seized items.

In addition to these drug-related accessories, the officers also confiscated a mobile phone, which could potentially contain further evidence or clues about his illicit activities. Another notable item that was seized during the raid was a Honda Scoopy motorbike, valued at approximately 60,000 baht (US$1,662), reported Phuket News.

Following the arrest, Bunma was escorted to the Phuket City Police Station. The charges levelled against him are quite grave, reflecting the weight of his alleged crimes. He has been charged with illegal possession of a Category 1 narcotic with the intent to sell, and illegal use of a Category 1 narcotic, confirmed the police.

In related news, authorities in Roi Et province arrested a 78 year old disabled Thai woman for drug trafficking, seizing 151 methamphetamine tablets as part of a Valentine’s Day crackdown. She confessed to selling drugs for her livelihood.

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