Phuket mayor guarantees drought-proof supply for dry season

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The Phuket Town mayor confirmed that the Phuket City Municipality has a sufficient water supply to sustain residents throughout the remainder of the dry season. However, he is encouraging residents to be mindful of their water consumption.

Currently, the municipality’s water reserves are 80% full, according to Mayor Saroj Angkanapilas. This supply is anticipated to be ample for producing tap water for the Phuket Municipality area. On average, the municipality can produce 31,000 cubic metres of tap water per day.

Despite the adequate supply, the Phuket City Municipality is implementing a three-pronged strategy to prevent potential water shortages. The first approach involves a public awareness campaign that promotes economical water usage. Mayor Saroj urges residents to report any broken or leaking pipes immediately to curtail unnecessary water wastage.

The second component of the strategy involves efficient water management to meet demand. If the raw water supply is insufficient, water production may need to be reduced. Mayor Saroj warns that this could result in lower pressure in the water distribution system and a weaker water supply in certain areas at specific times.

The final aspect of the strategy is the preparation of manpower and water trucks to distribute water in areas experiencing shortages. Two water distribution points have been designated: one at the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation 1 branch on Kra Road, and the other at the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation 2 branch in Soi Phaniang, reported Phuket News.

Mayor Saroj appeals to the public for cooperation in using water economically, urging them to use every drop wisely. Any leaks or broken pipes should be reported to the Phuket City Municipality Waterworks Division by calling 076-211130, a line open 24 hours a day.

For those experiencing water outages in the Phuket City Municipality area, the municipality’s Emergency Operations Center can be contacted at 199 or 1132, or 076-21111.

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