Thai envoy unveils plan for Taiwanese investment boom

Photo courtesy of The Central News Agency

In an exclusive interview with CNA on Tuesday, the executive director of the Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO), declared the nation’s readiness for an influx of Taiwanese investment, particularly in electronic manufacturing and construction projects.

Narong Boonsatheanwong highlighted Thailand’s emergence as a Southeast Asian electronics manufacturing powerhouse, with a burgeoning global reputation for printed circuit board (PCB) production.

Drawing attention to Taiwan’s semiconductor prowess, Narong praised the island nation’s leadership in the industry. He also lauded Taiwan’s commitment to clean energy, green economy initiatives, and digital transformation, identifying potential areas for fruitful collaboration.

Asserting the long-term benefits of economic synergy, Boonsatheanwong spotlighted Thailand’s ambitious Land Bridge project in southern Thailand, aimed at reducing navigation time between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

“We hope to deepen our cooperation with Taiwan and create a win-win situation.”

With Thailand gearing up to expand construction and circuit board manufacturing projects, the TTEO director underscored the strategic alignment between Thailand’s industrial clusters and Taiwan’s talent cultivation system.

“Deepening bilateral cooperation could expand both economies’ share in the global market.”

As Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy seeks to diversify economic ties away from China, Narong stressed the policy’s significance in bolstering exchanges between Taiwan and ASEAN member states.

Amidst light-hearted banter on cultural exchanges, Narong questioned the long-standing confusion between Taiwan and Thailand, hinting at an intrinsic connection between the two nations.

With approximately 80,000 Thai residents in Taiwan and a burgeoning tourism flow between the two countries, Boonsatheanwong highlighted the warm reception Taiwanese visitors receive in Thailand, thanking Taiwanese society for its hospitality towards Thai nationals, particularly workers, reported Focus Taiwan.

Narong underscored the importance of robust people-to-people ties in fostering a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between Taiwan and Thailand.

In related news, an upward trend in rice exports from Thailand to Hong Kong and China is anticipated this year, with a particular demand for rice berries and brown rice. This expectation is driven by the global economic recovery and a discerning preference for high-quality rice grains.

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