Motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run by lorry driver in central Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod.

A tragic road incident has claimed the life of a 43 year old motorcyclist in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan. An 18-wheel lorry collided with the victim’s motorcycle, resulting in fatal head injuries. The 39 year old driver, Wasan, refuted allegations of fleeing, claiming ignorance of the incident that killed the victim Phinyo.

At approximately 9.20am today, Deputy Inspector Anan Thongleua of Bang Phli police station was notified of a capsised motorcycle in front of a housing estate on Bang Pla Soi 2.

On arrival, they discovered the victim’s lifeless body, his brain matter scattered across the pavement. His Yamaha Fino motorcycle was damaged nearby, with Buddha amulets from various temples strewn across the road.

Eye-witnesses reported that after the road incident, the lorry halted momentarily, and the driver stepped out to observe before driving off without reporting the road incident. A relative of the deceased arrived at the scene, expressing his grief in a touching display.

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Upon reviewing CCTV footage from the housing estate, it was evident that a white and orange 18-wheel lorry had exited the alley, colliding with the victim who was riding along the edge of the road.

The impact caused the motorcycle to topple, and the victim’s head was crushed under the rear wheels of the trailer.

Motorcyclist killed in hit-and-run by lorry driver in central Thailand | News by Thaiger
The wheeler truck that claimed the life of a motorcyclist in an unfortunate road incident today. Photo by KhaoSod.

Chindanai Ruengchai, a volunteer from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, was one of the first to arrive at the road incident scene.

“We arrived to find the lorry parked there. The driver descended from the vehicle, looked towards the victim, then got back in and drove away without saying a word. I’m sure he knew he’d hit someone.”

Good Samaritans alerted the police to a possible match for the lorry parked at a petrol station approximately 5 kilometres away from the road incident.

Upon investigation, Wasan, the driver, presented himself and denied knowledge of the accident. He explained his failure to stop and wait for the authorities by stating that he was advised to do so by his company’s lawyer when informed of the accident. He insisted he had no intention of escaping.

Following a preliminary investigation into the unfortunate road incident, the police found compelling evidence – they discovered pieces of the victim’s brain on the left rear mudguard of the lorry, in addition to the CCTV footage.

Wasan was then taken to Bang Phli Police Station for questioning. The victim’s body has been sent to the forensic department at Ramasamutprakarn Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

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