Foreign nationals in Phuket donate blood amid Rh-negative shortage

Photo by Phuket Immigration.

In an uplifting gesture of community unity, the Immigration Department of Phuket extended heartfelt appreciation to the 121 foreign nationals who donated blood at a special drive held at the Central Floresta shopping complex today.

The blood donation event was jointly orchestrated by the Phuket Immigration Department and the local chapter of the Red Cross Society. The primary motivation behind the drive was to replenish the rapidly diminishing blood supplies in the region. The depletion in supply, particularly of Rh-negative blood, has been attributed to the escalating incidences of road accidents involving foreign nationals, leading to their admission to hospitals and consequentially straining the Rh-negative blood resources.

Among those who stepped forward to contribute to the noble cause included expatriates, learners enrolled in language schools, Muay Thai trainees, tourists who became aware of the drive, and members of the Phuket Immigration Volunteers Group. A special mention was offered to professional pianist Ivan Sharapov for his generosity towards the needy. Sharapov is a highly regarded figure among the local officials of Phuket Immigration and the Russian community present in Phuket.

Another encouraging presence at the event was that of Vincent Modell, renowned for his tireless efforts, both as a rescue volunteer and through establishing the “Rescue Team Volunteers Phuket” and “Basic Life Support Services Phuket”.

Representatives from businesses, private schools, and immigration office volunteers were also thanked for assisting the foreigners who came forward to donate blood, The Phuket News reported.

Phuket Immigration Chief Pol. Col. Thanet Sukchai shared the sentiment that the successful blood donation drive embodied the kindness shown by the foreign nationals residing in Thailand. It proved that their presence offered more to the community than just bringing money to spend, effectively contributing towards humanitarian causes.

The shortage of Rh-negative blood is particularly severe because this blood group is rare among Asians, but commonly required for assisting foreigners, including those harmed in road accidents, pointed out a statement from Phuket RBC during a mass donation event earlier in the year, held in March.

Phuket Immigration took this opportunity to thank the Phuket Red Cross and Central Department Store, Foresta Phuket for making the event possible.

This successful blood drive underscores the compassion and unity shown by Phuket’s foreign community, serving as a testament to the principle that the gift of life often transcends borders and nationalities.

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