Drunk Saudi tourist steals jet ski on Patong Beach

PHOTO: A drunk Saudi tourist stole a jet-ski off Patong Beach yesterday. (via Ekkapop Thongtub)

A drunk foreign tourist caused a commotion on Patong Beach in Phuket yesterday after he was caught trying to steal a jet ski. The tourist, who was described as anxious and intoxicated, also attacked a jet-ski caretaker and tried to escape.

The incident was reported to the Patong Police at noon yesterday, and when they arrived at the scene, they found the drunk tourist had already been apprehended by beach lifeguards. The beach lifeguards reported that the Saudi tourist was attempting to steal a jet ski when they caught him.

According to the beach lifeguards, the tourist, identified only as Abdullah, assaulted the jet ski caretaker before taking off. Initial reports said he swam out to sea, but it appears he actually escaped on a stolen jet ski and managed to ride far out to sea before beach lifeguards and the jet ski caretaker caught up with him.

He had jumped off the jet ski he had taken and was treading water about a kilometre from the beach. Jet ski operators went out on three jet skis to recover Abdullah and the stolen jet ski.

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Abdullah refused help and tried to stay out at sea treading water. After about half an hour rescuers returned to bring him back to shore on a jet ski.

During the journey back to the beach, the rescuers had to tie Abdullah’s hands in order to avoid any additional harm to himself or others.

Upon reaching the shore, he was taken to Patong Hospital due to exhaustion, although he remained conscious throughout the journey. Local officers at the scene reported that Abdullah was speaking incomprehensibly and appeared to be in a state of anxiety.

As of the latest report, the drunk Saudi tourist remained under care at Patong Hospital while officers continued their investigation into the incident. The circumstances surrounding Abdullah’s decision to take the jet ski and the subsequent events leading to his rescue remain unclear.

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