Hong Kong socialite Abby Choi’s ex-husband accused of dismembering her

PHOTO: Hong Kong socialite Abbey Choi is believed to have been dismembered by her ex-husband. (via 7News)

Police in Hong Kong search for the ex-husband of socialite Abby Choi after her headless body was discovered in a village house. The home in Tai Po had been rented by her ex-husband’s father recently. The 28 year old model was reported missing on Tuesday. Parts of her dismembered body were found to have been cooked and stored in a refrigerator.

Hong Kong police say they believe her ex-husband, Alex Kwong is directly involved in the murder, and have arrested the parents and elder brother of Choi’s ex-husband, according to local media.

Socialite Choi frequently mingled with celebrities and attended haute couture shows during Paris Fashion Week. Choi was featured in L’Officiel Monaco as a “style icon.” She had amassed over 80,000 Instagram followers.

The petite 40-kilogramme woman was last seen on Tuesday afternoon, preparing to pick up her daughter, who Choi shared with her ex-husband. CCTV footage captured Choi before she went missing, while a male suspect, dressed in black, was recorded on CCTV footage holding a large white plastic box. The suspect loaded the box into a white seven-seater vehicle with the rear door open.

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According to the Kowloon West regional crime unit, Choi’s murder is believed to be linked to a dispute over HK$100 million (about 444 million baht). Choi’s disputed management of properties worth tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars likely resulted in her murder.

The police interviewed a private driver who claimed to be the last person to see Choi alive. He is also her ex-husband’s brother. As part of their investigations, they also met Kwong’s parents, when the financial dispute between Choi and her ex-husband’s family was uncovered.

Choi financially supported Kwong’s family after their divorce. In 2016, she married her current husband, the son of the founder of Hong Kong’s casual dining chain TamJai Yunnan Mixian.

Law enforcement officials have concluded that Choi was a victim of homicide based on the evidence discovered. The suspects have been taken into custody, and charges of murder will be made against them later.

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