Day Three official numbers are in and Phuket remains, as of Friday night, fatality free. The “Seven Dangerous Days” reporting period runs from last Wednesday through to this Tuesday night.

But there were 15 accidents reported in Phuket and 16 people injured as a result of traffic incidents – 8 accidents in Muang District with 9 people injured, 4 accidents in Kathu District with 4 people injured and 3 accidents reported in Thalang resulting in another 3 injuries.

Police report that 863 people have been fined for not wearing helmets, 362 for driving without a license and 61 for drunk driving.

58 people were fined for ghost riding and 51 for speeding. 38 people were pinged for running a red light.

Police say they issued 1,594 fines on the Songkran Friday reporting period.

- The Thaiger