Pattaya man assaults intoxicated man, reportedly for catcalling at his girlfriend

Man injured after assault, photo by The Pattaya News.

Another late-night violent incident took place in Pattaya at around midnight on Saturday. A man physically assaulted an intoxicated man in front of Soi Ko Phai on 1/1, before fleeing the scene.

An unnamed witness said the attacker assaulted the victim after the victim catcalled at, whistled at, or made a sexually suggestive comment to the attacker’s girlfriend.

The injured man refused to be taken to a hospital. It was unclear if he filed a police report against his assailant, The Pattaya News reported.

As a city known for its nightlife, Pattaya has its share of late-night brawls. Last week, two Indian tourists were injured in a fight with a ganja seller on Pattaya’s Walking Street. This was after the tourists allegedly knocked over some of the seller’s weed containers, damaging them.

The week before that, there was another late-night brawl in Pattaya involving a crowd of around 30 angry teens. The youths reportedly attacked the Jannaat club guards for not allowing them to enter the club at 4am on Tuesday, well past the legal closing time of 2am.

The week before that, yet another fight broke out in front of a resort on an island off Pattaya on Wednesday night between two groups of people. Security footage captured 6-8 people on motorbikes passing by the resort on Koh Larn and glancing back at another group that was marching toward them on foot.

After the group on motorbikes exited the footage, the group was captured returning with wooden sticks. A brawl then breaks out between the two groups.

Back in June, two foreign men on a soi near Pattaya’s Walking Street got into a brawl which left one with slash wounds. A witness said the men had gotten into a verbal argument, which escalated into a physical fight. They said one man then slashed the other man’s arms with a “sharp weapon,” similar to a knife.

Time will tell if any more details emerge on the latest altercation on Soi Ko Phai 1/1.

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Tara Abhasakun

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