Angry Pattaya teens allegedly assault Walking Street nightclub guards

Photo by The Pattaya News.

There’s been another report of late-night violence on Pattaya’s iconic Walking Street.

Around 30 angry Pattaya teens allegedly assaulted the guards of one nightclub on the street. The youths reportedly attacked the Jannaat club guards for not allowing them to enter the club at 4am on Tuesday, well past the legal closing time of 2am.

After being denied entry to the club, the teens reportedly took revenge on Wednesday night. One guard said the teens showed up at the club’s entrance and began insulting the guards about denying them entry the other day.

The insults eventually led to a physical fight, and four guards were injured, The Pattaya News reported. A guard said that some teens were armed with guns and knives. The teens fled the scene, and so far none have been caught. Rescuers took the wounded guards to a nearby hospital.

As a city known for its nightlife, Pattaya has its share of late-night brawls. Last week, a fight broke out between two groups of people on Pattaya’s island of Koh Larn, leaving four injured.

In September, an intoxicated Pattaya tourist allegedly punched an elderly Australian man in the face as the man was trying to stop him from fighting with a motorcycle taxi driver.

In June, two foreign men on a soi near the street got into a brawl which left one with slash wounds. A witness said the men had gotten into a verbal argument, which escalated into a physical fight. They said one man then slashed the other man’s arms with a “sharp weapon,” similar to a knife.

We’ll have to wait and see if Pattaya police can catch the group of angry teens after the recent nightclub incident.

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