More Pattaya people arrested drinking alcohol, violating Covid measures

PHOTO: Fat Boys Bar and Grill/Facebook

There’s no glitch in the Matrix, it’s just regular Déjà vu as 12 people were arrested last night at an underground room as part of a Pattaya bar raid. The 12 suspects were allegedly drinking alcohol, which Pattaya police remind people is a violation of the current emergency decree. The police also say that the dozen suspects were also violating other rules/laws like the communicable disease act and limits on gathering.

The Nongprue City Police raided the “Fat Boys Bar and Grill” last night, around 8 pm. Currently, in places like Pattaya, no more than 1 person can drink alcohol in a “group”.

Colonel Chitdaecha Songhong who led the raid, says the police had received complaints from concerned citizens that foreigners and Thais were “secretly” gathering and drinking alcohol in an underground section of the bar. He adds that the complainants feared the underground drinkers could spread Covid and that by reporting the “incident” they were in fact protecting the community.

Chitdaecha adds that the rules are not intended to punish people, but rather to protect the community. Further, that if everyone follows the rules everything can get back to normal faster.

It was not stated if the bar proprietors would also face legal action.

Earlier, the Thaiger reported that over 66 people were arrested at a beach bar in Pattaya.

Last night, a couple was arrested for allegedly live streaming themselves while they broke curfew. Meanwhile, Phuket has added new layers of restrictions and Thailand logged over 14,000 new Covid infections, today.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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