Mayor says more changes to come at Pattaya’s Jomtien beach

Jomtien Beach.

The Na Jomtien municipality mayor says authorities are planning several more fixes to Jomtien Beach in the south of Pattaya. The mayor, Rapeepan Rattanakluang, inspected a footpath at the beach following a request by tourists and locals.

Rapeepan said authorities plan to revamp the deteriorated footpath, as well as the road surfacing. She added that there are spots where street vendors can sell their stuff without bothering beach-goers who want to just relax and exercise there. Lastly, Rapeepan said there are plans to plant new trees along the foreshore, create rest areas and provide workout equipment there.

She noted, however, that a timeline for these goals is not yet “set in stone”. Rapeepan said authorities will discuss the issues and work to solve them as soon as possible.

This news comes after authorities reorganised the beach’s vendors last month to give tourists more space to enjoy beach vibes after they received complaints that food carts are blocking the traffic and parking areas along the beach.

After investigating the area, police found that sellers parked their food carts and equipment to reserve the space to sell food and drinks in the evening, which blocked the traffic and caused litter problems. The report said some food carts and equipment were seized, and the sellers were charged with breaking the Public Cleanliness Act.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Pattaya News

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