Crazed knife-wielding man arrested in Pattaya while threatening others

PHOTO: The Pattaya News

An unnamed Thai man has been arrested on Pattaya’s Beach Road and charged with causing a public disturbance after wielding a large knife and attempting to cut his own throat while threatening bystanders. The man was shirtless and rambling incoherently, with drugs or alcohol suspected to be involved.

The Pattaya News reports that the man stole the knife from a food vendor, before attempting to cut his own throat. He is described as being in his late 20s or early 30s. It’s understood it took nearly 12 police officers to subdue the man as he continued to self-harm, while threatening bystanders and staff from a nearby hotel.

Rescue workers on the scene say the cuts to his throat are not fatal and he is now receiving medical treatment and psychological assessment. Police have launched an investigation into what sparked the incident.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

Pattaya News
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