British family offers reward to ‘detain’ teenager missing in Pattaya

Photo via Facebook | Kimberly Christoforato

A worried British family is offering a 10,000 baht reward to anyone who can locate and ‘detain on sight’ a runaway 17 year old believed to be missing in Pattaya, eastern Thailand.

The family has reason to believe that 17 year old Ryan White, from Gateshead, near Newcastle in England, travelled to Sin City after flying to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport one week ago on Friday, May 12.

Ryan’s auntie Kimberly Christoforato posted on Facebook offering a cash reward to find and ‘detain’ the teenager…

“CASH REWARD for anyone who can detain Ryan on sight and call the police. Unfortunately, due to having an 18 month old, I have had to return home to the UK. We will have family returning over ASAP though and this post will be updated as and when.

“This is my nephew, Ryan White. He is from Gateshead, UK. He has been missing since Friday, May 12, 2023. He is 17 years old, so still a minor.

“He took a flight to Bangkok and we are currently aware that he is staying somewhere in the Pattaya community.

His whereabouts were known until the evening of Sunday, May 14, but no one has seen him or heard from him since.

“If anyone has any information, or knows someone who is holidaying or living in Pattaya who could have any information please can you get in touch.

“Please share this post to help us reunite him with his heartbroken family.

“And Ryan, if you read this, please come home. Nothing you could do or say would ever change how loved you are, nor how worried we are for your safety and wellbeing.”

The British and Thai embassies have been informed that Ryan could be in the Pattaya area and that his family is concerned and looking for him.

An American tourist named Jonathan was rescued from the sewer in Pattaya earlier this week after suddenly falling into an uncovered manhole.

Jonathan said he shouted for hours but no one could hear his muffled cries for help. So, he waded through the sludge in the dark looking for a way out. Until, after four long hours beneath Pattaya, he was finally rescued.

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