2 dogs found dead in Pattaya, owner suspects poisoning

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2 dogs have been discovered dead in Pattaya, a city in Chon Buri. The owner of the dogs suspects they were poisoned. The dogs, a golden Labrador about 8 months old, and a pit bull about 5 months old were found dead in front of a house in Nongprue.

Residents discovered the dogs foaming at their mouths and seemingly immobile. The same residents that found the dogs say they also found a bag full of bluish chemicals and fresh meat close by. 21 year old Nawin Pmee Khun, the dog’s owner and local boxer, lodged a formal complaint with police over the matter. Nawin says anyone that would kill a dog is evil and must be brought to justice.

“I have raised both of these dogs since they were babies. They never harmed or bit anyone. However, they did like to bark at strangers and were protective of our property and anyone around the area. Regardless, that is not a reason to harm an animal”, Nawin told the Pattaya News.

Another dog, belonging to a different owner, was also allegedly poisoned but was saved due to the intervention of health officials. Nawin and other residents claim that dogs have been poisoned before in their neighbourhood. The locals say motorcycle thieves may have killed the dogs to prevent them from barking and alerting the owners to their motorcycles being stolen. Pattaya police are investigating the incident.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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