Witness the sun rise through Phanom Rung Temple’s gates this September for good fortune

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

The natural phenomenon of the sun rising directly through the 15 gates of Phanom Rung Temple in Buriram will be viewable for the second time this year between September 8 to 10. The event, which is believed to bring good fortune, occurs four times a year.

The invitation to witness this spectacle is extended to both Thais and foreigners by Phorakeiat Phuwanirandornkul, Buriram Province’s Public Relations Officer.

Phorakeiat mentioned that Phanom Rung Temple is the only Khmer architectural site in the world that has such a natural wonder. It is a combination of architectural wisdom, with the construction of the temple allowing the sun to shine directly through the 15 gates and onto the Shiva Lingam.

This is comparable to Lord Shiva, who is situated inside the main sanctuary of the Phanom Rung Temple, which is likened to Mount Kailash on the celestial sphere.

The sun’s spectacle will take place at the Phanom Rung Historical Park, in Chaloem Phra Kiat District, Buriram Province, from 5.30am onwards. The sun is expected to rise at approximately 5.57am, as calculated by astronomers. This rare natural event happens only four times a year.

Each year, the sun sets directly through the 15 gates of Phanom Rung Temple twice, between March 5 to 7 and October 6 to 8. The sun rises through the gates on April 3 to 5 and September 8 to 10.

The public and tourists are invited to witness these extraordinary occurrences. A large number of people and tourists visit each year to see and study this event. Anyone interested in witnessing the phenomenon can marvel at nature and the manmade Phanom Rung Temple coming together in harmony. Attending is believed to bring the viewer of this event good fortune, reported KhaoSod.

In addition to witnessing the sun rising and setting through the 15 gates of Phanom Rung Temple, visitors can also appreciate the beauty and wonder of Phanom Rung Temple, Mueang Tam Temple, and other important archaeological sites in the province.

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