Thailand approves Sinovac and Sinopharm for 6 year olds and up

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Thailand will now allow children aged six and older to get Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines without adjusting the dosage. Between January 1 and February 2 this year, 13,600 kids 5-11 years old tested positive, a 6% increase from April to December 2021. The Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), wants children aged 3-17 to be able to get the vaccines. It has asked the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation for information about this.

Meanwhile, there were 10,226 children between 12-17 years old who tested positive during this time, a 5.6% increase from April to December 2021. The director-general of the Disease Control Department said vaccines for young children are optional, and it was the TFDA’s job to make sure young children were given the vaccine safely. Covid-19 infections are rising, and today, the number of new cases in a day went past 10,000 for the first time since October. There were 21 deaths from Covid-19 in Thailand today. Yesterday there were 9,909 new infections, and 22 deaths.

One Northeastern province, Korat, has seven Covid-19 cluster infections. Seven schools in the province reported students and teachers infected. One school is using online learning until February 9, and another school will use it until February 25. At one school, students were infected after they played in a football match and did a photo shoot.

Source: Thai PBS World

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