Man in northern Thailand found dead under palm tree

Phitsanulok, Thailand, photo by Wikipedia.

A man in the northern Thai province of Phitsanulok was found lying dead under a palm tree this morning. The man’s relatives told police he had left his home early in the morning to tap palm milk, as he did every day. They got worried when he didn’t come back at 9am, so they went to search for him, and found his body covered in bruises under a sugar palm tree.

The family believes that the man, 65 year old Sangwan Amdat, fell to his death from the tree, which was about 50 metres tall. The captain of Wat Bot police said police and rescue workers hurried to Suan Pan village, where the incident happened, at 9:30am when the incident was reported to them. Sangwan’s body was sent to Wat Bot Hospital for an autopsy to officially determine how he died.

Another person died from falling last month in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. The 80 year old woman died after falling from her room on the seventh floor of a hospital where she was being treated for Covid-19. She was taken to the emergency room but it was too late.

In January, a 64 year old Norwegian man believed to be an expat was found dead after his fall last night from his 5th-floor condominium in Jomtien. There was no immediate sign of a struggle or foul play. The incident came Less than one week after a 72 year old foreigner fell to his death from a popular unnamed Pattaya condo building.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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