Young policeman dies in taxi collision, shattering dreams and family plans

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A tragic incident claimed the life of Thai sub-Lieutenant Anawat Phongerd, a young policeman from the Metropolitan Police’s Naval Unit, who collided with a taxi when chasing a suspect on his motorcycle. Despite his dreams and future plans for education and family, 27 year old Anawat left this world far too soon.

According to reports, Anawat was pursuing a suspect during the early hours of June 5 when a taxi made an abrupt turn, causing him to collide with it. He tragically passed away while receiving treatment for his severe head injuries.

In Wat Phothiyan, Phitsanulok, Anawat’s family set up a funeral rite, and mourners attended to pour water over his coffin. Relatives revealed that Anawat was set to graduate on June 25 and had planned to take his family to the beach to celebrate. His aspirations to be a policeman had finally been realised, following a childhood dream of joining the force, reported Sanook.

His father, 66 year old Narin Phongerd, said in an interview that Anawat was an excellent, quiet, and disciplined person. He was the main support for his family and had a promising future ahead. The family still cannot accept the sudden loss and their dreams of his graduation and family trip vanished.

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The late policeman’s girlfriend, 27 year old Suwichada, from Maha Sarakham province, was deeply saddened and unable to accept the unexpected loss. The couple had planned to get married after Anawat’s graduation, upon becoming a Naval officer and moving back to their hometown in Pitsanulok.

“He was a good person, never argued and loved his family. On June 5, I never thought that it would be the last time I saw him. Everything happened so fast; I cannot accept it. We had planned to get married after he graduated and moved back to Pitsanulok, but now, it’s no longer possible.”

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