Young man survives harrowing motorcycle crash in Trat

Photo: KhaoSod.

A shocking accident occurred in Trat when a 24 year old man lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a concrete pole. The impact caused a large gash on his chest, exposing his heart.

He was hurriedly given first aid before being rushed to the hospital at around 11.10pm yesterday. The fatal motorcycle crash was reported by the Sawang Boon Assistance Rescue Association of Trat Province who swiftly dispatched a rescue team to the scene.

The injured man, Krisada (surname withheld for privacy), was found lying at the roadside, conscious but writhing in pain. Initial medical assistance was provided by the rescue team, who quickly alerted Trat Hospital to the gravity of his injuries.

Krisada’s motorcycle was found nearby, slightly damaged. From the preliminary examination at the scene, it is speculated that Krisada, unfamiliar with the route, was riding at high speed when he lost control of his motorcycle at a bend, colliding with a concrete pole placed at the roadside by a contractor.

The rescue team recounted that they were alerted to the motorcycle crash by a police radio station. Upon arrival, they found Krisada lying face down. They turned him over and discovered the gruesome chest wound that pierced through to his heart and lungs.

It is believed the injury occurred when he fell from his motorcycle and landed on an iron rod, a part of a construction tent setup, causing severe injuries reported KhaoSod.

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