Lucky turtle: Thai lottery fans embrace headless, legless hero

Photo: Sanook.

The lottery enthusiast community was buzzing with excitement as images of a rare headless, legless turtle, considered a harbinger of good luck, spread across social media. The photographs were shared by a Facebook user yesterday who captivated the audience by claiming that the lucky turtle had arrived to bring fortune.

The peculiar post quickly gained traction, attracting a barrage of comments from intrigued netizens.

The consensus among them was that this was the rare tortoise shell, a creature believed to bestow luck on those who encounter it.

Numerous suggestions poured in, advising the Facebook user to dust the shell with powder in search of lucky lottery numbers.

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Comments ranged from “Quickly, dust it with powder!” to “Take it to make lottery numbers,” indicating the widespread belief in the lucky turtle’s fortune-bringing properties.

Lucky turtle: Thai lottery fans embrace headless, legless hero | News by Thaiger
The lucky turtle encounter hints at the arrival of fortune and lottery luck. Photo by Sanook.

Intrigued by this sudden fascination, a journalist investigated and discovered that residents had flocked to seek the elusive lucky numbers.

Among them, 45 year old Thiprada Namprasert, residing at house number 157, 11th ward, Nong Chang, Bueng Sam Phan District, Phetchabun, revealed that the lucky turtle was found by her nephew on the roadside.

Initially mistaken for a rock due to its dark colour, it was picked up and identified as a headless, legless turtle. The shell was dark with a golden-yellow underside.

On hearing that it was a rare tortoise shell, she brought it home, buoyed by the belief that anyone who finds it or has it wander into their home is bound to receive good luck.

This was the first time Thiprada had seen a tortoise shell. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, she dusted it with powder in search of lucky numbers.

She found the number 104 visible and believed that she would win the lottery again, having dreamt of six turtles and subsequently winning a two-digit lottery prize in the previous draw. With this full-fledged lucky turtle encounter, she was confident of another win reported Sanook.

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