Young Thai man safely escorts mother-daughter duo on dangerous 10km night walk (video)

PHOTO: Tiktok/j@obji08.

An act of kindness recently circled on social media in Thailand.

Two Thai women, a mother and her daughter, were walking along a dark and dangerous road at night, attempting to cover a 10-kilometre distance to their home when a kind-hearted young man offered assistance. The story, shared by TikTok user @jobji08, tells of the women walking with no lights nearby, putting them at significant risk. However, due to the man’s timely intervention, they safely reached their destination.

In the video posted by @jobji08, he narrates that while driving his girlfriend home, he crossed paths with the mother and daughter walking by a dark roadside. At first, he thought they might have ill intent, but upon slowing down and inquiring about their situation, he discovered they were on their way home. Compassionate for their safety, he voluntarily drove them the remaining 10 kilometres.

The post has since garnered praise from fellow netizens, who commended the young man’s empathetic actions in aiding the two women to reach their home safely. Due to the act of kindness, a potentially dangerous situation was averted for the mother and daughter, considering the lack of light and the surroundings.

@jobji08นึกว่าตาฝาด♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – jobji08

In another act of kindness, people in Bang Pla, in the central province of Samut Prakan, came together to help a vendor whose sour milk cart was damaged in an accident. When an accident happens in Thailand, many people rush to get the things of the person who was hurt. But things changed when about ten people from the nearby Darul Ameen Muslim community came together to buy the vendor’s sour milk. They did this to help her get over her losses and give her hope. Read more about the story HERE.

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