Treasure hunters uncover ancient gold and artefacts in Thailand’s Bang Pakong River

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Treasure hunters discovered ancient valuables, including gold rings and old coins dating back to the fourth and fifth reigns of Thailand, along the Bang Pakong River in Kabin Buri, Prachin Buri. Today, locals flocked to the site, following a Facebook post showing a video of people using metal detectors near a construction site along the riverbank.

During a site inspection at the so-called ‘100-year-old market,’ an ancient trading route that once thrived with Thai and Chinese merchants, several excavators were found digging to alter the landscape as part of a government project. About ten treasure hunters were using metal detectors to search for valuable items in the area.

In addition to ancient coins and artefacts, the treasure hunters discovered antique cutlery, large ancient bullets, gold rings with Chinese inscriptions, and Buddhist amulets. There were also decorated gun barrels with dragon motifs, signifying the weapons of Chinese emperors. It is believed that the Bang Pakong estuary was a bustling trading post around 1870 CE (BE 2450), where a prosperous community traded among Chinese and European merchants, reported KhaoSod.

The ancient Wat Phraya Tham temple, founded in BE 2375 (1832 CE) by Chao Phraya Bodin Decha, also stands in the area. Locals, such as a 50 to 60 year old lady named Daruni Tharathippayakun, recall their parents’ stories of merchant ships sinking in the river due to strong currents, leaving treasures beneath the water.

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Another local, Paramat Thawakara, recalls learning about the ancient temples and bustling marketplaces that once existed in the area, frequented by Chinese and European traders. With the ongoing excavations, many locals took advantage of the opportunity to find hidden treasures in the riverbed.

The quest for valuable artefacts continues, and it is expected that more ancient relics will be discovered in the vicinity, providing a fascinating glimpse into the history of the thriving trade market that once flourished along the Bang Pakong River.

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