Teenager loses finger in violent gang clash at Pattaya skatepark

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Chaos ensued in the early hours of the morning today, at a Pattaya skatepark near Laem Bali Hai whre a violent encounter between two youth gangs led to a teenager losing his finger and two others suffering injuries. The incident, taking place around 4am, sparked panic among tourists who were spending their time near the skatepark at Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya.

By the time Pattaya Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene, the perpetrators had made their escape. However, the responders found three young teenagers who were injured in the clash. Their identities have been kept confidential due to their minor status.

Emergency services gave a brief account of the injuries. According to them, the first teenager had minor injuries on his left arm, likely from a knife attack. The second victim had lacerations on his head and arms. The third teenager had a knife wound on his back and right hand, severing his index finger. The injured teenagers received immediate medical assistance at the scene before being transferred to Pattaya Hospital.

Upon investigating the scene, Pattaya Police found a knife wrapped in black tape and three black motorbike helmets which were presumably used by the gangs during the clash, reported The Pattaya News.

Eyewitness accounts painted a terrifying picture of the incident. According to them, the victims arrived at the skatepark in a sedan, armed with chopping knives.

They approached a group of around 10 males, demanding to know who had harmed their friend. Quickly, the confrontation escalated into a violent knife fight, which dispersed as quickly as it had begun. The three injured teenagers were left behind in the park.

When questioned by the Pattaya Police, the injured victims shed some light on the motive behind the confrontation. They admitted to having an unresolved altercation with their attackers and had arranged to meet at the skatepark to settle the matter.

The police are now reviewing CCTV footage to identify the culprits of the attack. Pattaya City has previously put up signs prohibiting access to the skatepark from 10pm to 7am. Despite this, groups of teenagers continue to enter the premises secretly, leading to multiple confrontations.

To further deter such incidents, Pattaya Police are advising minors under 18 years old to return home if they are unattended by a legal guardian or parent while hanging out on beaches at night.

In light of the recent incident, there are likely to be stricter closing policies for the skatepark. This follows a series of violent confrontations at the location. Critics are calling for a citywide teen curfew at night to prevent further incidents of this nature.

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