Mystery unfolds: Human finger found in Thonburi warehouse bathroom

Photo: by Merteren, on pexels.

The Bukkhalo Station Police are investigating a deeply unsettling case involving the discovery of a human finger in a warehouse bathroom located in Thonburi. This distressing incident took a sinister turn when surveillance camera footage unveiled a potential suspect on a motorcycle who had entered the premises and traces of blood were subsequently detected at the scene.

The gruesome finding of a human finger, placed inside a lone wastebasket, coupled with the discovery of blood smears at three different spots within the warehouse, has understandably triggered a full-scale and urgent investigation.

This nondescript warehouse, situated in the vicinity of Soi Charoen Nakhon 63-65, near the Suwannakliao Thong Market in Dao Khanong, Thonburi, Bangkok, has now become the focal point of a perplexing and unsettling crime scene.

To shed light on this baffling situation, law enforcement authorities promptly reviewed the CCTV footage within the warehouse’s premises. According to their findings, a suspicious-looking male individual arrived on a motorcycle at approximately 3am yesterday.

He skilfully parked his motorcycle in the warehouse’s inner parking lot, where investigators subsequently discovered a significant quantity of blood droplets.

Following this eerie discovery, the man proceeded to exit the premises. However, his encounter with the warehouse’s late-night security guard added another layer of mystery to the unfolding situation.

The security guard, stationed near the entrance exit gate, approached the man, seeking an explanation for his presence. In response to the guard’s inquiry, the man calmly stated that he had come to use the bathroom. With that, he mounted his motorcycle and left the warehouse, leaving behind a perplexed security guard.

Initial investigations have now confirmed that the man in question was not an employee or affiliated with the warehouse in any official capacity.

The authorities are continuing their meticulous investigation into this unsettling incident, working tirelessly to unravel the mystery surrounding the discovered human finger and the trail of blood, as they seek answers in this perplexing and disconcerting case, reported Khaosod.

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