Xi Jinping’s bullet train gift sparks China-Thailand railway reality

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A replica of China’s Fuxing bullet train, bedecked in Thailand’s national colours and gifted during the 29th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Bangkok in November 2022, now finds itself at the epicentre of a transformative railway saga between China and Thailand.

As the wheels of progress turn, the construction of the China-Thailand Railway, a flagship venture under the Belt and Road cooperation framework, gains pace, promising to redefine Southeast Asia’s transportation landscape with cutting-edge rail technology.

Last April marked a pivotal moment as a freight train laden with durians embarked on a historic journey, traversing Thailand, Laos, and China, culminating in Guangdong province. Clocking a mere five days, this odyssey highlighted the railway’s efficiency, outstripping traditional maritime routes by at least a week.

Upon completion, the China-Thailand Railway will seamlessly merge with the China-Laos Railway, weaving a tapestry of connectivity across the Indochina Peninsula, and bolstering infrastructure ties throughout Southeast Asia.

Pitiwat Angsuviriya, a mechanical engineering protégé hailing from Khon Kaen University, reflects on President Xi’s visit, resonating with the spirit of international cooperation amidst post-pandemic uncertainties.

“President Xi’s visit to Thailand remains a beacon of hope, symbolising unity amidst global challenges.”

The aftermath of Xi’s visit ushered in a new era of collaboration, with China resuming group tour services, facilitating Pitiwat’s enrolment in a transformative railway training programme. Armed with newfound expertise, Pitiwat envisions spearheading Thailand’s railway renaissance, underscoring the pivotal role of high-speed rail in Southeast Asia’s economic ascendancy.

Xi’s inaugural visit to Thailand left an indelible mark on locals, with messages of camaraderie emblazoned across Bangkok’s skyline, reinforcing the enduring bond between China and Thailand.

In the realm of commerce, China remains Thailand’s largest trading partner, with Thai durian, a prized commodity, finding a voracious market in China, exemplifying the fruits of robust transportation infrastructure, reported The Nation.

Wichai Kinchong Choi, a banking luminary, extols the virtues of China’s investment, fuelling Thailand’s economic renaissance.

“China’s steadfast commitment to openness and cooperation is steering Southeast Asia towards a brighter future.”

Amidst calls for green development, China’s support for Thailand’s EV ambitions underscores a shared commitment to sustainability.

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