Woman seeks help from restaurant owner as man threatens her with violence and gun

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A woman in distress sought help from a food vendor, who drove away a threatening man, earning praise from social media users.

The incident took place in Hat Yai city’s food court when a terrified woman entered a restaurant to ask for help, followed by a man on a motorcycle. The man verbally abused the woman and threatened to hit her with a helmet, claiming that he was carrying a gun and would shoot her if she did not leave with him. However, the restaurant’s owner, a kind-hearted woman, stepped in to help the desperate girl.

The event unfolded at Mallee Ancient Restaurant, a made-to-order food and catering shop located in Soi 4 Phasa Sawaeng, Hat Yai Municipal District, Songkhla Province. The restaurant is owned by a 50 year old woman named Mallee Janma.

Mallee described the ordeal, which occurred during the early evening hours of May 9, while the restaurant paused its customer orders for a brief time. She was at the back of the shop when a trembling girl entered seeking refuge. Moments later, the abrasive man followed her in on a motorbike, issuing threats and a barrage of vulgar remarks. He announced that he had a gun and would shoot the girl if she did not obey his demands to come with him; however, she didn’t comply and continued to cry out of fear.

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Not knowing the relationship between the parties or the cause of the dispute, Mallee couldn’t stand by and tolerate the man’s harsh treatment of the woman. She grabbed a bread knife and asked him to leave her shop, indicating that it was not the place for arguments or violence, especially with customers still present and phone orders arriving. As the man continued to threaten them with his alleged firearm, Mallee braced herself, knife held in both hands, prepared to strike back if the man drew his weapon.

Eventually, the antagonist conceded and exited the premises, still verbally threatening the woman for a moment before leaving on his motorbike. Afterward, the girl also went on her way. Details of their relationship, whether they were a couple or had any other problems, were not revealed, as they were busy attending to customer orders during the event. However, Mallee recognized the woman’s face and acknowledged that part of her motivation was her desire to help her, reported Sanook.

The restaurant owner’s courage and empathy during such a terrifying ordeal have not only earned Mallee the admiration of her patrons but also social media users who were touched by her selfless act of kindness. Her slogan for the business is: “The shop may not be fancy or have a great appearance, but when it comes to food, we deliver on our promise.”

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