Woman discusses love and deceit in 40-year age gap

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A 59 year old woman opened up about her tumultuous relationship with her former lover on a talk show. The couple had a notable 40 year age gap, which drew public attention.

The woman, P’Phon, accused her former beau, Nong Wave, of deceiving her over a product review job, where the actual payment was 200,000 baht, but he told her it was only 50,000 baht and gave her 40,000 baht, keeping 10,000 baht for himself.

Their love story began with Nong Wave taking great care of P’Phon, calling her multiple times daily and teaching her how to create content and do product reviews. They celebrated their monthly anniversaries with gifts and surprises, and Nong Wave even treated P’Phon ‘s children kindly, fulfilling their wishes, such as buying an expensive cat.

The couple lived together as partners for two years, creating content that gained them popularity. When P’Phon faced challenges, Nong Wave was always there to support her. However, their relationship took a turn when Nong Wave began interacting with a new woman, a Thai lady living in Finland. This new relationship led to late-night live-streaming sessions and, ultimately, Nong Wave travelling to Finland to meet her, unbeknownst to P’Phon.

Upon discovering his trip to Finland, P’Phon was confronted with a harsh reality when Nong Wave announced their breakup to his followers. Initially, P’Phon thought it was just a content strategy, but it turned out to be genuine. Nong Wave moved on quickly, posting about his new life with the woman in Finland.

After their separation, P’Phon struggled both emotionally and financially. She continued working on product reviews, unaware that Nong Wave was still deceiving her. When she was approached for a new product review, she declined, citing a conflict due to a previous contract. This prompted the employer to reveal that they had paid Nong Wave 200,000 baht for the earlier job, not 50,000 baht, as she was told.

Upon confronting Nong Wave, he admitted to spending the additional money, leading to a legal intervention by a benefactor named Mae Kan. This revelation caused significant stress for P’Phon, affecting her health and leading to her collapse at the hospital.

New home

P’Phon recounted how she entrusted all their earnings to Nong Wave, believing he was using the money to build their home, which eventually became the new home for him and his new partner. Despite the betrayal, P’Phon continued to support Nong Wave financially, even after their breakup.

Mae Kan, who came to P’Phon’s aid, uncovered the truth about the financial deceit. She arranged for Nong Wave to acknowledge his debt and work off his obligations to the brand that had initially hired them. Mae Kan took over managing P’Phon ‘s future work to prevent further exploitation.

Nong Wave admitted his wrongdoing and expressed remorse, indicating his desire to move on and avoid further public disputes. Mae Kan advised P’Phon to focus on rebuilding her life and career, offering her support but urging her to let go of her past with Nong Wave.

The story took another twist when it was revealed that their marriage was never legally registered. Nong Wave clarified that the marriage was fabricated as part of content to promote a gambling website, for which he had already faced legal consequences. This revelation meant that Nong Wave’s new relationship did not constitute infidelity under the law.

While P’Phon acknowledged that some aspects of their relationship were merely for content, she affirmed that their love was genuine. However, she indicated that she no longer desired reconciliation and would only consider financial support requests if made by Nong Wave’s new partner, reported Sanook.

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