Woman discovers fiancé fathered her younger brother with mother

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A 24 year old woman discovered her fiancé was having an affair with her mother and that her younger brother was her fiancé’s child. The surprising revelations were shared in a Reddit post where she vented about the shocking situation.

The woman and her fiancé have known each other since childhood, with him being one year older. They started dating in their teenage years, and everyone remarked on how fortunate she was to have someone kind, handsome, funny, and family-oriented.

She echoed these sentiments.

“I felt incredibly lucky too. He always treated me with love and respect, and I had a great relationship with my mother. My mother and I had been through a lot together after my father’s death when I was young.”

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However, around four years ago, her mother unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 42. This news was as surprising to her as it was to her mother. After her mother gave birth, she and her fiancé helped care for the baby boy.

“I knew my mother was seeing someone but I had never met him. It was very shocking, and my mother was also surprised because she didn’t think she could get pregnant. I decided to support my mother and tried to reassure her. After my brother was born, I loved him dearly because I had been caring for him since birth. My fiancé also helped raise him, taking him out for ice cream and to the playground.”

The situation took a dramatic turn when she borrowed her fiancé’s iPad to watch Netflix. Upon unlocking the screen, numerous messages popped up, including texts from her mother. The messages revealed their secret affair.

“I feel guilty and she should know.”

“I feel guilty too.”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“How can I act like a brother instead of a father?”

There were also photos of her mother pregnant and her younger brother.

“I was binge-watching a series on Netflix when my laptop ran out of battery. Too lazy to get the charger, I grabbed his iPad instead. I knew his password but had never used it before. As soon as I logged in, messages started popping up (I think because he hadn’t used the iPad in a while). I checked them, and although he hadn’t saved my mother’s number under her name, I recognised it.”

Mother’s affair

Shocked by the discovery, the woman recalled her mother’s pregnancy four years ago when her mother had not disclosed the father’s identity. During that period, her fiancé had been very attentive to her mother. She confronted her fiancé with the evidence, and he admitted to the affair, looking pale and startled.

The fiancé revealed that a few years ago, while the woman was on a trip with friends, he and her mother had dinner together. She hadn’t been suspicious because he had been part of the family for so long. Sometimes she even had meals with his family herself.

“It wasn’t unusual because he was considered part of the family. Sometimes my mother and he would have dinner together at our house, even when I wasn’t there. I did the same with his parents. I still don’t understand how it ended up with them sleeping together.”

After discovering that her fiancé and mother had continued to meet in secret two or three more times, the woman was furious and decided to call off the engagement. She has not yet discussed the situation with her mother. Currently, she is living with friends and undergoing therapy. She is also unsure what to do about her younger brother, whom she genuinely loves, reported KhaoSod.

“Thinking about the times we talked about having children makes me sick. I was supposed to be the mother of his child, the only mother of his child. We discussed this future since we were 17. Now, every time I see myself caring for his child with someone else, it makes me want to vomit.”

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