Woman arrested in Trang for filming assault over love triangle

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Police apprehended a 21 year old Thai woman outside a popular shopping mall in Trang Province for her involvement in a violent assault over a love dispute.

The arrest took place today after an extensive manhunt following an incident in May last year, where the woman, Wiphawadee (surname withheld) and her group forcibly entered a woman’s residence in Phuket and filmed an assault to humiliate her over a shared romantic interest.

Police arrested Wiphawadee in front of a well-known shopping mall in the district of Sikao, Trang Province. The arrest was led by Police Colonel Pongpanot Chuakaew, the superintendent of Division 6, along with Police Lieutenant Colonel Sawanya Eiadtrong, an inspector of the same division. Wiphawadee was wanted on charges of breaking and entering, committing aggravated assault at night, bodily harm, and disseminating indecent material, as per warrant number 16/2567 issued by the Phuket Provincial Court.

The origins of this violent saga date back to May 2023 when Wiphawadee, alongside her affiliates, rode a motorcycle to a housing complex in Thalang, Phuket, targeting a woman identified only as A. The confrontation was fueled by the discovery that both women were romantically involved with the same man.

Wiphawadee’s group called out for A to come down and talk but were met with refusal. Angered by the rejection, Wiphawadee led her group to A’s room, where they forcefully stripped, beat, and filmed her, leaving only after they were satisfied with the punishment they had inflicted.

Following the assault, A reported the incident to the Thalang Police Station, leading to a thorough investigation and the eventual issuance of an arrest warrant for the attackers. Wiphawadee, however, successfully evaded capture until recently. Police received a tip-off that she was hiding in Trang Province, which led to her apprehension, reported KhaoSod.

During the interrogation, Wiphawadee maintained her innocence. She has since been transferred to the Thalang Police Station to face legal proceedings.

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