Scorching heat and thunderstorms ahead for Thailand, warns TMD

The Meteorological Department of Thailand (TMD) forecasts a mix of scorching heat and thunderstorms over the next seven days, warning of potential heavy downpours affecting 30% of the area. The forecast, spanning from today until March 27, indicates that a westerly wind from Myanmar will pass through the northern and northeastern regions as well as upper Laos from today, March 22.

During this period, the northern region will experience thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds and possible hailstorms in some areas. The combination of easterly and southeasterly winds bringing moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand will contribute to these conditions.

A low-pressure area caused by intense heat will cover the upper part of Thailand, resulting in hot weather with sporadic thunderstorms, particularly during the afternoon. The southeasterly winds expected to cover the lower northeastern, central, and eastern regions will also lead to isolated thunderstorms.

Mariners in the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region are advised to navigate with caution during this time as the westerly and southeasterly winds, though weakening, will still result in thunderstorms in some areas. Sea waves in the Gulf are expected to be around one metre high, increasing in areas experiencing storms.

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Residents in the northern region are advised to be vigilant, as there is a risk of thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail. It is recommended to avoid open fields, large trees, unstable structures, and weak signage. Farmers should prepare to protect their crops and livestock from potential damage.

People in the upper part of Thailand should take care of their health due to the expected hot conditions and be aware of the risk of thunderstorms.

Northern thunderstorms

The northern region can expect thunderstorms covering 10-30% of the area, strong winds, and occasional hail. Minimum temperatures will range from 19-25 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures from 29-36 degrees Celsius.

The weather will be predominantly hot with scattered thunderstorms, affecting roughly 10% of the lower parts of the region. Minimum temperatures will likely range from 16-26 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures from 31-39 degrees Celsius.

In the northeastern region, thunderstorms are predicted in 10-20% of the area, with minimum temperatures of 20-24 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures of 28-37 degrees Celsius. Hot weather with occasional thunderstorms is expected, affecting 10-30% of the area, with temperatures ranging from 21-26 degrees Celsius at the low end and 32-39 degrees Celsius at the high end.

The central region will also see thunderstorms in 10-20% of the area, with temperatures fluctuating between 22-25 degrees Celsius at the low end and 31-37 degrees Celsius at the high end. The hot weather will continue from March 23-27, with similar thunderstorm coverage and temperatures ranging from 25-28 degrees Celsius at the low end to 34-39 degrees Celsius at the high end.

For Bangkok and its vicinity, thunderstorms are expected to affect 10-20% of the area from today, with minimum temperatures of 25-26 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures of 29-36 degrees Celsius. The hot weather will persist from March 23-27, with thunderstorms affecting 10-30% of the area and temperatures ranging from 27-29 degrees Celsius at the low end to 32-38 degrees Celsius at the high end.

As Thailand enters a week of weather contrasts, residents are urged to stay informed and prepared for the varying conditions.

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