Volunteer soldier arrested on Bangkok Skytrain with Commando brand shotgun

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A 40 year old volunteer soldier was arrested at a BTS Skytrain station in Phra Khanong, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The suspect was found carrying an 8.6-inch shotgun of the Commando brand.

The police also seized one shotgun shell of the Royal Thai Army brand, 10 of 12 red shells, 9 of 12 white shells, and 50 9mm bullets, all packed in a black box. The suspect confessed that he was on his way to a friend’s birthday party and usually volunteered as a soldier.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Vachirakorn Wongboon, the head of Khlong Tan police station, ordered Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanakorn Ngamyen, the deputy head of Khlong Tan station, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Pacharachai Panadis, the deputy head of Khlong Tan substation, to lead the arrest operation.

On January 5, around 6.14pm, the officers received a report that a suspicious man might be carrying a weapon at the Phra Khanong Skytrain station. The suspect was dressed in black and was spotted walking on the station with a black box in his hand, reported KhaoSod.

Officers found Suradech walking at the BTS Skytrain station, Phra Khanong and stopped him for a search. The search revealed a shotgun of the Commando brand, 8.6 inches long, and one shell of the Thai Army brand, number 12, loaded in the shotgun. There was also one black box for the shotgun in his possession.

When questioned, the suspect admitted that the seized weapon and ammunition were his. He also had more ammunition hidden in his black backpack.

After further search, the officers uncovered a stash of bullets in the black backpack that the suspect was carrying at the time of the search. The suspect confessed that all the seized items belonged to him, and he was on his way to a friend’s birthday party via the Skytrain, set to disembark at Nana station. He also mentioned that he had previously volunteered to fight in Ukraine.

The suspect was charged with carrying a gun in the city, village, or public way without permission and having a gun and ammunition without permission. He was then handed over to the Khlong Tan Police Station’s inquiry officer for legal proceedings.

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