Pedestrian bridge collapses onto dump truck on Northbound Highway 32

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A pedestrian bridge in Ang Thong‘s Mueang district came crashing down onto a dump truck, causing a significant obstruction on the main northbound highway, Highway 32. The incident unfolded around 7am today when the dump truck, with its body unintentionally raised, collided with the footbridge.

The Department of Highways reported that the truck was en route north on Highway 32, also referred to as the Asian Highway, in the tambon Chairi area when the accident occurred. The elevated body of the dump truck made contact with the pedestrian bridge, resulting in the bridge collapsing onto the vehicle and subsequently blocking the highway, reported Bangkok Post.

The aftermath of the collision left the highway blocked in both directions, causing a significant disruption. Officials responded swiftly, deploying mobile cranes to clear the wreckage from the highway. Meanwhile, motorists were advised to use alternative routes to circumvent the blocked highway.

The dump truck was left severely damaged under the weight of the fallen pedestrian bridge. The clearing process was enacted immediately to restore normal traffic flow as quickly as possible.

In related news, a miraculous escape from death was recounted by a husband and wife following a tragic road bridge collapse. They narrowly evaded the mishap, having their vehicle hit just moments after they heard a loud noise. However, their car broke down, forcing them to flee as debris rained down onto the vehicle’s roof.

The collapsing bridge, which was under construction, situated along the Luang Phaeng Road in the Lat Krabang district of Bangkok, caused injuries to 13 individuals and claimed the lives of two workers – one at the site and the other at Chulabhon Hospital 9. The subsequent clear-up operation is expected to take no more than seven days. Read more about the road bridge collapse by clicking the hyperlink.

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