Bad pubic hair day: Cheeky diner’s hotpot hustle caught on CCTV

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A woman was caught on camera attempting to defraud a restaurant by claiming to find hair in her hotpot. The woman, who was dining at a Chinese restaurant, was seen on CCTV footage plucking a hair from her own body and dropping it into her meal.

She then demanded three times the cost of her meal as compensation. However, the restaurant owner checked the CCTV footage, spotted her suspicious behaviour, and posted it online.

A video clip from a restaurant’s CCTV camera was revealed on social media in China. The footage showed a woman eating her meal, then suddenly reaching into her pants, pulling something out, and dropping it into her pot. Initially, netizens were confused about the situation, but the truth was later revealed.

The restaurant owner, who posted the video, claimed that the woman in the clip had thrown hair from her private parts into the pot. She then took a photo and demanded three times the cost of the meal as compensation. The restaurant staff, suspicious of her claim, checked the CCTV footage and saw the aforementioned behaviour, leading to the decision to post it on social media, reported Nextapple.

Local media reported that the restaurant staff said two women had dined at a hotpot that day. They had eaten more than 300 yuan’s worth of food (US$42).

The owner said the woman left after explaining her claim and said she would call later to demand compensation. However, the owner calmly checked the monitor and discovered the woman’s strange behaviour.

After the clip was posted, the woman in the video, shocked, quickly called to ask for mercy. Seeing that the woman was still young, the owner decided to give her a chance and did not report her to the police. The hotpot used by this customer was properly disposed of, assuring other customers they need not worry about cleanliness.

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