Viral video reveals flaws in Chiang Mai homestay (video)

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A young man’s review of a homestay in Huay Kub Kab, Chiang Mai, has gone viral on social media, revealing numerous flaws in the accommodation, from an insecure lock to gaps in the roof. The video was intended as a humorous take on his experience.

Nutthakorn (surname withheld) and his friends had travelled to Huay Kub Kab, Chiang Mai, to stay at a local homestay. Initially, everything seemed normal. However, Nutthakorn became curious when he noticed his friends frequently entering and leaving the room.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he asked why the door wasn’t being closed. His friends pointed out that the upper part of the room was open, with a large gap where the walls didn’t meet the roof. Additionally, there were holes in the corrugated iron roof, which could let rain in. Fortunately, it didn’t rain heavily during their stay, so they avoided getting drenched. Locking the door proved futile as the latch couldn’t fully engage with the door frame.

Nutthakorn mentioned that he had seen the homestay’s pictures online before booking. Most reviews focused on the beautiful misty mountain views and picturesque spots for photos. He admitted that the views were indeed stunning and matched the online descriptions. However, the actual condition of the accommodation was disappointing.

“The views of the misty mountains are beautiful and exactly as described online but the state of the accommodation was disheartening.”

Despite his initial disappointment, Nutthakorn tried to understand the situation, considering that the homestay was likely built by local hill tribes who might not have hired professional builders. He found the situation more amusing than frustrating, noting that other rooms had similar issues.

“Looking at it from the perspective of a getaway to enjoy the scenery, I don’t mind much. But considering safety and the actual condition of the accommodation, it didn’t seem worth the price.”

Nutthakorn clarified that his video was not meant to criticise but rather to share a light-hearted review with his friends. He didn’t expect it to attract so much attention. Many viewers commented that they had similar experiences at the same location, reported KhaoSod.


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