US Kick streamer provokes brawl in Thailand

Photo courtesy of @AsianDawn4 via Dexerto

A Kick streamer found himself in hot water during a night out in Thailand on Monday, as he broadcasted his escapades to his online audience. What started as a boastful declaration of wanting to engage in a brawl quickly turned into a confrontation with enraged locals.

As the American national, known as Jino, strutted down a bustling street, his stream captured him expressing his desire for a physical altercation.

“I don’t care if I gotta fight 3 v 1, I just wanna hit a motherf*cker right now. I wanna kill a *** right now. I just wanna gut a **** live, bro.”

The situation escalated when the Kick streamer seemed to threaten a bystander off-camera, causing uproar among the onlookers. A group of furious locals confronted Jino, prompting him to backtrack frantically.

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Jino pleaded with them, attempting to appease the Thais by offering money to avoid violent repercussions.

“Yo, chill! I didn’t mean to!”

However, the Thai locals remained unmoved by the American’s attempts at pacification.

“We don’t need your money. You don’t do stuff like this here.”

Realising the severity of his actions, Jino offered a hasty apology before retreating from the confrontation. Reflecting on the incident, the Kick streamer lamented the consequences of his reckless behaviour.

“I can’t troll anywhere.”

This incident adds to a growing list of controversies involving Kick streamers abroad, reported Dexerto.

Notably, Johnny Somali faced international backlash for his antics in Japan last year, resulting in his arrest and a hefty fine.

In related news, a violent clash erupted among employees of the same company in Patong, Phuket, after work hours, drawing attention and concern toward the tourist city’s image.

The brawl, which took place in the middle of a busy roundabout, was captured in a 1-minute 28-second video and shared on social media, sparking a mix of comments ranging from calls for calm to nostalgia for the quieter days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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