UPDATE: Beauty pageant scandal leads to Covid cluster, participants face potential prosecution

PHOTO: Miss Grand Samut Sakhon/Facebook

The beauty pageant women who participated in “Miss Grand Samut Sakhon” last month are possibly facing criminal charges for not wearing masks, say police. This, coming after a 22 person cluster arose after the show.

13 of the contestants’ tests positive for Covid, as well as 9 “others”, say police.

Piya Tawichai, deputy commissioner of the metropolitan police told the media that there are likely more people, such as the organisers, who were involved in the pageant that violated rules and regulations.

The show had sought, and been granted permission to hold the event. however, part of the “rules and regulations was that everyone wore masks. The deputy commissioner adds that people at the pageant likely also violated the emergency decree and diseases control laws.

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Facebook photos from the show revealed some contestants not wearing masks and not social distancing.

Piya did not say whether he had been rooting for a particular contestant to win.

Original story:

A formal complaint from the Huai Khwang district office in Bangkok been lodged against the organiser of the “Miss Grand Samut Sakhon 2021” beauty pageant, alleging the show violated the Communicable Disease Act.

The complaint, lodged with the Makkasan police, alleges the pageant held on June 26 and June 27 at the Mirin Theatre RCA in the Huai Khwang district of Bangkok, failed to comply with an organisational plan they had previously submitted. Also, that the show did not strictly follow infectious disease control measures. The complaint says multiple contestants, members of the organising committee did not wear face masks at all times.

Kachapa Tancharoen, AKA “Mod Dum”, a TV presenter, says 13 contestants plus 9 “chaperones” had reportedly tested positive for Covid, and that the event organiser is in a hospital.

After hearing the complaint, Chanavorasin Suppanarak, said an investigation would be opened and anyone who was found to have broken the law will be penalised.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post Thai PBS

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