October 16 lottery numbers: A historical jackpot journal for risk-takers

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Historical lottery statistics for October 16 provide a glimpse into the winning numbers of each year, offering a treasure trove of information for risk-takers to analyse. Let’s delve into the prominent numbers and those that have been strong contenders.

For the October 16, 2022 lottery draw, the following numbers were drawn:

First prize: 613106
Three-digit prefix: 158, 037
Three-digit suffix: 606, 799
Two-digit suffix: 15

In the October 16, 2021 draw, the winning numbers were:

First prize: 386372
Three-digit prefix: 964, 602
Three-digit suffix: 295, 798
Two-digit suffix: 38

The numbers for the October 16, 2020 draw were:

First prize: 286051
Three-digit prefix: 189, 464
Three-digit suffix: 045, 980
Two-digit suffix: 38

On October 16, 2019, the lucky numbers were:

First prize: 812564
Three-digit prefix: 625, 255
Three-digit suffix: 132, 598
Two-digit suffix: 15

The October 16, 2018 draw produced:

First prize: 200515
Three-digit prefix: 392, 186
Three-digit suffix: 192, 212
Two-digit suffix: 93

On October 16, 2017, the winning numbers were:

First prize: 413494
Three-digit prefix: 180, 971
Three-digit suffix: 287, 128
Two-digit suffix: 86

For the October 16, 2016 draw, the following numbers were drawn:

First prize: 571947
Three-digit prefix: 692, 885
Three-digit suffix: 032, 587
Two-digit suffix: 98

The October 16, 2015 draw saw the following numbers:

First prize: 968630
Three-digit prefix: 457, 134
Three-digit suffix: 412, 054
Two-digit suffix: 62

On October 16, 2014, the lucky numbers were:

First prize: 656409
Three-digit suffix: 647, 784, 848, 910
Two-digit suffix: 94

Finally, the October 16, 2013 draw offered:

First prize: 963289
Three-digit suffix: 402, 529, 876, 952
Two-digit suffix: 60

This comprehensive look into past numbers provides a basis for gamblers and numerologists to analyse and predict future numbers. However, it’s important to remember that lottery numbers are random, and past performance does not guarantee future results.

In related news, a rather unexpected turn of events saw a Thai woman have a surprising encounter with a 70-centimetre-long green snake, which sparked lottery intrigue in the area. This intriguing incident unfolded at a residence situated in Ang Thong province, creating quite a stir among those who witnessed it.

The initial shock of discovering a snake nestled within the confines of her vehicle was undoubtedly a heart-pounding moment for the woman. As she cautiously approached her white Toyota Fortuner, she noticed the serpent’s head protruding from the front air vent of the car. This unexpected sight sent shivers down her spine. Read more about the story HERE.

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