Thai death toll in Hamas attack rises to 18, evacuations underway

Photo: by Fatima Shbair, on Axios.

In the wake of the recent Hamas attack on Israel, the Thai Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Jakkapong Sangmanee, provided an update on the dire situation concerning Thai nationals caught in the crossfire.

Jakkapong announced that the tragic toll of Thai lives lost has now risen to 18 individuals. However, despite the pressing need to repatriate the deceased, the process is currently on hold. The reason lies in the ongoing conflict that has rendered the affected areas inaccessible, with Thai authorities awaiting the restoration of control by Israeli forces.

In addition to the grim news of casualties, Jakkapong shared that the evacuation of Thai workers from high-risk Israeli territories is an ongoing effort.

Out of the approximately 30,000 Thais employed in Israel, a significant number, around 5,000, were located within the conflict zone.

Encouragingly, approximately 3,000 of these Thai nationals have already expressed their intent to return to Thailand. The first group of evacuees is expected to touch down on home soil on Thursday.

However, amidst these evacuation efforts, there remain approximately 100 Thais who have decided to remain in Israel for the time being.

Jakkapong elaborated that the initial phases of repatriation hinge on the availability of commercial and chartered flights. This necessity arises from the current conflict situation near the airports, which poses significant challenges for military aircraft attempting to land in Israel.

Jakkapong emphasized the grim reality by stating that the return of their bodies to Thailand must wait until Israeli forces reoccupy the death zones currently controlled by Hamas. The victims’ bodies were unreachable until then.

The situation underscores the increasing concern for the safety of Thai workers stationed abroad, especially in regions marred by escalating conflict.

The Thai government continues to closely monitor the situation, with the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad remaining a top priority.

As they navigate this complex and challenging situation, the authorities remain committed to facilitating the safe return of their nationals and ensuring their welfare in these trying times, reported the Bangkok Post.

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