Unfolding Bangkok – video mapping in city’s hidden temples

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Unfolding Bangkok is a new city project offering people the chance to see temples in a new light, via video and projection mapping, from November 12 to December 31.

Unfolding Bangkok is a part of the Colourful Bangkok 2022 project. This sub-project is divided into three phases, which include Hidden Temples, Greeting Benjakitti, and Living Old Building. The programme kicks off on Saturday and continues until March 2023.

In the first phase, Hidden Temple, the city will invite people to watch the video or projection mapping at hidden temples in the Thon Buri neighbourhood of Bangkok, including Intharam Temple, Chantharam Temple, Ratcha Khrue Temple, Phumarin Ratchapaksi Temple, Phraya Iyasawan Temple, and abandoned Suan Sawan Temple.

Video mapping is a technique which makes architecture, buildings, or walls come to life by projecting a video or animated content on its surface.

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The walls inside the main halls of each temple will be decorated and transformed by the video mapping technique. Aside from providing a perfect photoshoot and video, the video mapping will also tell the visitors about Thai Buddhist history and traditional beliefs about ghosts and the supernational.

The schedule of the event at each temple is below:

  • November 12 to 20 at Intharam Temple, Chantharam Temple, and Ratcha Khrue Temple.
    The projection maps the story of Buddhism and mural painting in the main halls of each temple. Visitors can also join the Creative Tour by bicycle with the biker group named Bike in the City.
  • December 10 to 18 at Phumarin Ratchapaksi Temple.
    The projection mapping of Jambudvipa or Greater India, mural painting of Buddhist hell, activities to learn more about Thai folk plays and the belief about ghosts.
  • December 24 to 31 at the abandoned Suan Sawan Temple and Phraya Iyasawan Temple.
    The projection mapping of the completed architecture of the Suan Sawan Temple and the music performance with a background of unique stupas at Phraya Iyasawan Temple.

The video below gives an idea of what visitors can expect from the event. It is the past event at Phumarin Ratchapaksi Temple in April of this year.

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