Unexpected love sprouts in the cabbage aisle: A market trip blossoms into a captivating romance

Photo: Sanook

A captivating incident surfaced on social media when a woman revealed her market visit to buy cabbages, which turned into an unexpected romance. Unable to find cabbages of her preference, the woman’s attention was drawn to an attractive young man emerging from a nearby vegetable store, presumed to be the shop owner’s son.

The woman intrigued and excited, approached the vegetable stand, pointed to the cabbages in front, and requested to purchase three heads.

Nevertheless, her story did not end there. She informed the shop owner that she was unable to carry the cabbages home at that time and subtly asked if he could help her deliver them.

The other party immediately agreed, especially when they found out the customer’s home was not far away. He prepared to deliver the three heads of cabbage by tricycle immediately. The woman waited eagerly at home, curious about who the store would send to deliver her cabbages.

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Shared online were pictures of a handsome young man, sporting a muscle-revealing shirt and standing approximately 185 centimetres tall. He was the vegetable shop owner’s son who appeared at the customer’s doorstep with three heads of cabbage, demonstrating immense strength.

Many netizens could not resist commenting after viewing the photos, understanding the woman’s intentions immediately. They agreed that her unexpected romance was indeed a destiny drop from the sky and that the woman’s real interest was not in selecting cabbages, but in the cabbage deliverer.

Nonetheless, some netizens observed that this entire episode was not just the woman’s wishful thinking. They pointed out her intentional observation of the shop owner’s response, determining if he would seize this opportunity for his son to find a life partner.

Predicting that he is at the appropriate age for marriage, the shop owner’s son seemed incredibly happy, unable to hide his joy. Not only did he flaunt a wide grin, but his aura was also filled with exuberance, reported Sanook.

The social media discussion was filled with amusement. Netizens concluded that the three heads of cabbages were indeed worth the money spent. Ultimately, they were not just vegetables for a meal but also a red thread for this young couple. Some even expressed their desire to buy cabbages as well.

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