Unexpected love story: Woman finds true connection on the streets

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A 28 year old woman was evicted from her home by her mother for refusing to attend a matchmaking event, leading her to sleep on the street. In this unexpected love story, she met an audacious young man who proposed to be her boyfriend.

The woman was discovered sleeping on the pavement instead of her comfortable bedroom at home. She had been ousted by her parents due to her refusal to meet a man they had arranged for her.

The woman and her parents harboured differing views. Her parents wished for her to marry as soon as possible to have a stable life, considering the fleeting nature of her youth. They feared she would miss out on suitable men if she remained unmarried by the age of 35.

However, the woman believed she should find a boyfriend on her own, someone who could truly make her happy. Yet, she had not met anyone who appealed to her, and her parents’ refusal to listen led to her being evicted in anger. She packed her bags and left home, her thoughts growing more complex. Naturally, a woman sleeping on the street attracted attention. A young man with courage approached her for a conversation. As her thoughts grew increasingly tangled, she confided in him.

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“It’s my marriage, why do my parents have to meddle all the time? Can’t I make my own decisions? I would rather sleep on the street than go on a blind date. They kicked me out, and told me to find a boyfriend on my own, and only then could I return home. Is that it?”

The young man advised her to rent a boyfriend to take home, suggesting that her parents might worry less if they knew she had a boyfriend. She asked the man where she could find someone suitable.

“I don’t have much money. I don’t want to rent a boyfriend. Is there another way?”

Young man proposes

Seizing the opportunity, the young man offered himself.

“I’m very warm-hearted. As I said, I often help others to the best of my ability. So, I can be your boyfriend. What do you say? I don’t want a fee, just let me have meals at your home. What do you think of my proposal?”

After hearing his unexpected love proposal, the woman looked him up and down and shook her head.

“You don’t look as good as the men my parents suggest, I fear it won’t be beneficial to do so.”

However, the man quickly defended himself.

“My looks don’t matter. What’s important is that I can solve your urgent need. Your goal is to prevent your parents from forcing you to marry and to continue living at home, right? Just let me help you. I don’t want money.”

It’s unclear how the woman finally decided, but after the unexpected love story was shared online, many people commented that the man was very clever to think of such a solution, reported Sanook.

The purpose of not asking for money is to make the woman feel at ease and trust him, dreaming that there might be a chance to fall in love in the future. Love grows over time, and as long as the man seizes this opportunity, he might be able to say goodbye to being single in the near future.

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