Thai film Sapparor grosses over 700 million baht

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The Thai film Sapparor (also known as The Undertaker), directed by Tongtae Thiti Srinual, is nearing the end of its cinema run after an impressive 46 days on screens, during which it grossed over 700 million baht. In a heartfelt Facebook post, the director expressed gratitude for the successful journey of the film.

Tongtae Thiti Srinual took to social media to express gratitude.

“Forty-six days, 720 million, Sapparor is unstoppable, soaring to 700 million.”

He thanked everyone who had supported the film, saying that the success of a film is often fleeting, and it seemed that Sapparor was slowly leaving the cinemas. The director hinted that the film would soon be available on various platforms.

“The success usually stays with us only for a short period, and today seems to be the day when Sapparor is gradually leaving the cinemas. The film will likely continue its journey on various platforms. I thank the cast and crew of Sapparor for being a part of our memories. I thank everyone for walking with us till the end.

“I thank you for the good times that make us smile when we think of each other. I thank everyone who advised, supported, and encouraged me throughout this journey. A big thank you to the crew and all the actors who trusted this kid and, of course, a big thank you to all the viewers. Learn, adjust, understand, and grow. See you soon with the next film.”

It’s worth noting that the Thai film, Sapparor has become one of the biggest Thai box office hits of the year, with its success attributed to both the film’s quality and the director’s unique storytelling style. This story of success serves as a testament to the potential and promise of Thai cinema, and fans eagerly await Tongtae Thiti Srinual’s next project, reported KhaoSod.

In the initial half of this year, Thailand experienced a significant increase in the presence of global filmmakers, with Deputy Government Spokesperson Tipanan Sirichana reporting the production of more than 200 foreign films in the country. Read more HERE.

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