UK: Princess Catherine’s cancer confession (video)

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In a video statement, Princess Catherine of the United Kingdom disclosed her battle with cancer, describing it as a “huge shock” after enduring what she called “an incredibly tough couple of months.”

Despite the adversity, she maintains a positive outlook.

“I am well and getting stronger every day.”

The details of her condition remain veiled in secrecy, with Kensington Palace withholding specifics. However, the palace assures the public of her eventual full recovery.

Explaining the genesis of her treatment journey, the princess revealed that following abdominal surgery in January, subsequent tests uncovered the presence of cancer. Consequently, her medical team recommended a course of preventative chemotherapy, which she embarked upon in the early stages.

While the specifics of her cancer remain undisclosed, 42 year old Princess Catherine conveyed her empathy for all those grappling with the disease, urging them not to lose hope. She spoke candidly about the challenges faced by her family, particularly in explaining the situation to her children, George, Charlotte, and Louis.

The revelation comes amid a backdrop of health concerns within the royal family, with King Charles himself undergoing treatment for cancer. Despite this, the king remains a pillar of support for his daughter-in-law, lauding her courage in addressing the public.

Messages of support have poured in from around the globe, with Prince Harry and Meghan expressing their well wishes for a private and peaceful recovery. However, the princess and Prince William have opted for privacy during this trying time, refraining from public appearances and official duties.

The announcement has sparked renewed calls for privacy from the palace, following weeks of relentless speculation and conspiracy theories. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak praised Princess Catherine’s bravery in the face of adversity, emphasising the need for privacy and respect during her treatment.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer echoed these sentiments, highlighting the added stress of battling cancer amid media scrutiny. Across the Atlantic, US President Joe Biden joined millions in prayers for the princess’s swift recovery, reported BBC News.

Professor Pat Price, an oncologist, commended Princess Catherine for her openness, acknowledging the impact her disclosure will have on raising cancer awareness.

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