Trang man wins 72 million baht lottery jackpot

Photo of Not, a lottery application owner, courtesy of KhaoSod

A man from Trang struck it rich after scooping 72 million baht in the latest lottery draw. He also won additional prizes, making his total winnings even more substantial.

The Government Lottery Office announced the results of the lottery draw this afternoon. The winning number for the first prize was 205690. The three-digit front prizes were 885 and 747, while the three-digit back prizes were 137 and 070. The two-digit prize was 60.

A live broadcast by Lottery Plus showcased the lottery draw. The first prize consisted of 12 tickets, amounting to 72 million baht. The lucky winner is Lert from Na Yong district in Trang province. Lert bought the tickets at 2.30pm yesterday.

Upon discovering his windfall, Lert was contacted by Not, a lottery application owner, who congratulated him on his immense luck, reported KhaoSod.

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“I now know that I have won the first prize with all 12 tickets, receiving a total of 72 million baht. I also won with the three-digit front prize number 747.”

Lert expressed his desire for Not to visit him at Na Yong Hospital to hand over the winnings.

In related news, lottery enthusiasts are in a frenzy as the much-anticipated Chinese calendar lottery numbers have surfaced, promising potential wealth in the upcoming draw. The Chinese calendar, an often-referenced guide for those seeking lucky numbers, has released four editions worth scrutinising for the next big win.

The Chinese calendar, historically a source of lucky lottery numbers, has once again captured the attention of lottery aficionados. As the draw approaches, speculation mounts about which numbers will emerge as the celebrated winners.

In other news, at a housewarming ceremony in Kalasin province, the mystical numbers generated from candle wax droplets have captivated the local community, with many lottery enthusiasts eager to see if the digits will bring them luck in the upcoming draw.

In the district of Mueang, Kalasin, at the residence marked number 182 in village number 7, a significant Buddhist ceremony was held to bless a new home.

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