Kalasin ceremony wax numbers spark lottery fever in community

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At a housewarming ceremony in Kalasin province, the mystical numbers generated from candle wax droplets have captivated the local community, with many lottery enthusiasts eager to see if the digits will bring them luck in the upcoming draw.

In the district of Mueang, Kalasin, at the residence marked number 182 in village number 7, a significant Buddhist ceremony was held to bless a new home. The presiding monk, Phra Khru Sukij Hemkhun of Wat Suwannaram in Baan Phon Thong, led the spiritual proceedings for Anusorn Phuprong, a skilled corrections officer working at the local prison under the Ministry of Justice.

The event was attended by government officials, community leaders, villagers, and family members, all sharing in the joy and goodwill of the occasion.

During the religious rites, intended to bestow good fortune upon the house and its owner, as well as the attendees, a particularly popular aspect among those who partake in lottery speculation caught the crowd’s attention, reported Sanook.

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The numbers 1, 8, and 0, formed by candle wax tears dropping into a holy water bowl, were visible. These numbers, strikingly similar to the new home’s address, have sparked a wave of excitement among those looking to try their luck in the government lottery scheduled for today, May 16.

In related news, a woman‘s luck continued to soar after she won a substantial lottery prize immediately following a traditional Thai ritual to boost fortune. The 32 year old Thai lottery winner returned to the temple to give thanks and participated in the ritual again, hoping for a repeat of her recent windfall.

The temple at Wat Song Sawei, also known as Wat Ai Som Chun, in Wat Sing district of Chai Nat province, became a buzzing hub of activity. Daily, thousands of lottery enthusiasts and the general public flock to the temple, seeking blessings from the revered monk, Phra Khru Palad Suwatthanaphromviharkun, commonly known as Phra Ajarn Ohm, the abbot of Wat Song Sawei.

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